SLX ECN is a Monobloc type centrifugal pump (motor and pump form a single unit), that is easy to set up and maintain.

The components that are in contact with the liquid are in stainless steel 316 and the rest in stainless steel 304.

It is suitable to cover the auxiliary needs of the food, chemical, oenological industries, etc.

It incorporates a simple internal mechanical closure.

This makes it possible to place different types of material on the two friction faces or on the joints without having to change any part of the pump.

This pump can therefore be used for different liquids, just by changing the closure.

It incorporates a body and a semi-open impeller in Microfusion.

As standard it comes equipped with a gas thread and can be adapted for different types of threads or flanges. As an option, the motor cover can be mounted in stainless steel 304, bench, motors in different voltages, frequencies, efficiencies.

The SLX-ECN centrifugal pump is used for charging or suctioning liquid for up to 6 m. with a check valve or standing up.

The applications are almost unlimited for any type of liquid that the not exceed 350 cps (wines, beers, liquor, acid, water, etc.)