Vertical groups with a 900-1200 mm rod (also available in 1750 mm). Suitable for corrosive fluids up to 300 cPs whose main characteristic is that its motor works only at 2850 rpm, giving it a duration that is three times longer than other pumps.

Made from materials that are compatible with the majority of chemical products for a wide variety of acids or bases.

Polypropylene execution, PVDF and 316 stainless steel.
With IP-55 motor, ex-proof or pneumatic.

Temperature up to 50ºC.
Density: 1,6
Viscosity: 300 cPs
Motor speed: 300W 2850rpm
Voltage: 220V single-phase 50 Hz
Flow rates up to 6m3/h and heights up to 7 meters
Watertight with a high-quality mechanical seal.

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