Self-priming pumps of the continuous current series efficiently and economically solve the transfer of the widest range of fluids, with a flow rate of 400 to 1200 l / h.


Simple operation: One single mobile piece. The driving turbine is robust and long-lasting. Resistant to wear and self-lubricated by the poured liquid. Without gears.
Self-priming: They are primed instantly.
Pump position: The body of the pump allows a 360 ° rotation that allows positioning the mouths according to the needs.
Reduced maintenance: Does not need any attention or lubrication. Avoid your work in a vacuum in a time superior to that of a normal priming.
Versatile: Suitable for volatile or viscous liquids, it admits more solids in suspension than the other rotating bumpers. It rotates on any angle and in both directions of rotation.
Abrasives: Occasional or sandy substances in the solution can be traded normally. Highly abrasive products are not recommended due to the wear of metal parts.
Technical information: C.C. are supplied in 12 V. and 24 V.


• Neoprene: general use 70ºC
• Nitrile: for oils and derivatives 80ºC
• Hypalon: for chemicals 110ºC
• E.P.D.M .: for corrosive products 80ºC
• Sanitary: for food use 100ºC
• ST: for food use 130ºC

Technical characteristics:

• Flow rate: from 400 to 1200 L / H
• Speeds: 2,000 rpm
• Voltage: CC. 12V - 24 V.



Engine cooling, bilge discharge, roof flushing, filling and emptying of oil tanks and drums, pumping of drinking water for taps and showers, pumping of sea water containing fats, oils or sand in suspension, even in rough or rough seas , among other.

Types of connections:

The standard supply of pumps of the C.C. It includes connections with GAS thread and nozzles, made of brass or stainless steel.


• Nautical, metallurgical, water treatment, bottling, farms, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, etc ...


• One mobile piece
• Gearless
• Without valves
• Robust, compact and silent
• Great versatility
• Maintenance-free: they do not need to be greased or lubricated
• Self-priming, volumetric and reversible
• With suction capacity up to 3m. c.d.a.
• Output pressure up to 3 Bars
• Easily transportable

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