Self-priming pumps the new series Industrial efficient, economical solutions to decanting the widest range of fluids, with flow up to 20,000 l/h.

Pumps up the new Industrial series have bodies made entirely of stainless steel 304.

For its excellent design constructive only have one moving part, no gears and no metal to metal contact, features that significantly reduce wear and ensure continued service. No need lubrication.

They are versatile and perfectly matched, because the pump body can rotate 360 degrees, allowing the mouths position depending on the need of installation.

Incorporates flexible impeller.

The pumps are self-priming. Priming is instantaneous (30 s). They can rotate to any angle and in both directions of rotation. These pumps are suitable for volatile or viscous liquids. Not recommended for highly abrasive products, due to the wear of metal parts. Solutions slightly abrasive and sand can be transfered normally.


• Only one moving part. Totally removable in seconds.

• Decanting of delicate products without damage.

• No gears

• No valves

• Robust and compact

• Ability to decant viscous products up to 22,000 cPs.

• Maintenance-free: no need to be lubricated

• Self-priming. Instant priming (30 s.) Volumetric and reversible.

• Suction capacity up to 3m c.d.a.

• Outlet pressure up to 2.5 bars.

• Easily transportable.



Materials available for runners:

Neoprene: General purpose (70 º C)

Nitrile: for oils and derivatives (80 ° C)

Hypalon: chemical (110 ° C)

E.P.D.M.: for corrosive products (80)

Sanitary: for food (100 º C)



• acids, alcohols, formaldehyde, distilled water, sea water, petrolatum, glycerine, aseptic fluids, brine, fragrances, fertilizers, soaps, shower gel, detergent, creams, fragrances, perfumes, gelatine, dyes, diesel, light oils, mineral oils , liquid fats, etc..


• Chemical, marine, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, metallurgy, water treatment, farms.



• Investor

• Electronic speed

• Transport  truck