SANITARY SERIEs self-priming

The Sanitary series is a line of flexible turbine pumps that are specially designed to solve the problem if transferring liquids for the food industry. The body of the pumps are made completely from 316L stainless steel.
The turbine is made from sanitary nitrile, which has been certified as compliant with the FDA standards for General Purpose Laboratory for Tests and Research.
Sanitary pumps are easy to clean because they can be easily disassembled without tools in just a few seconds.
Their design makes it possible to see all of the parts in contact with the product, leaving no blind spots for bacteria to develop. 
They may also come with a free shaft. 

  • Can be completely disassembled in seconds
  • No cams or elements that can introduce contamination
  • Able to transmit viscous products up to 22,000 cP
  • Easily transportable
  • Constant flow
  • Self-priming
  • Volumetric and reversible
  • Transmits delicate products without damaging them
  • Pressure capacity up to 3 m c.d.a.
  • Output pressure up to 3 bar

Flexible blade turbines do not have cutting elements, and they allow a pump to work at low speeds to process a product as carefully as possible, without damaging it (even with low pressure and depression). We have flexible turbines made from various materials, depending on the product to be pumped. They support various liquids at different temperatures.

  • Neoprene: for general use (70ºC)
  • Nitrile: for oils and oil derivatives (80ºC)
  • Hypalon: for chemical products (110ºC)
  • E.P.D.M.: for corrosive products (80ºC)
  • Sanitary: for food-related use (100ºC)
  • ST: for food-related use (130ºC)


  • Milk. Yogurt, glucose, wine, grape juice, honey, jam, juice, alcohol, oil, brine, distilled water, shampoo, etc.


  • Dairy, fruit, pastry, packaging, pharmaceuticals, chemical, wine, distilleries, dermalpharmacy.


  • Pump bodies with special outlets and stems/nuts
  • Electric box with inverter
  • Transport cart
  • Inverter
  • Stainless steel motor casing
  • Electronic frequency regulator
  • Various motor qualities

Variety of commands

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