Volumetric self-priming pumps gear type, suitable for lifting clean viscous liquids without suspended solids and do not contain corrosive.

Depending on the viscosity are mounted with standard or geared motors 200 to 1450r.pm

- Regular flow without pulsations
- Long lasting pumps
- Ability constant
- Reversible
- Optional: Safety valve bypass


Normally constructed GG-25, and gear shaft steel, the possibility of completely fabricated bronze or stainless steel 420.
According to the application for which they are intended are fitted with a double seal, mechanical seal or stuffing box high quality withstands high temperatures.

Also on demand with a heating chamber.
They come in monobloc with B3/B14 or bench motor and adapted connecting plates with or without motor reducer.


The most frequent applications ENH pumps can be found in the transfer of oils, syrups, gels, glycerol, hydrocarbons, polymers, polyelectrolytes, animal and vegetable fats, fuel oil, liquid asphalt, synthetic, liquid plastics, bitumen, molasses, chocolate, benzol, soaps and all kinds of liquids that so recommends.


Maximum Flow: 60 m3/hr.
Maximum pressure: 80 kg/cm2
Máxcima Viscosity: 50000 cps
Suction: up to 4.5 meters
Maximum temperature: -30 º C to 230 º C

Mount pipes always greater than the mouths of the pump. Consult tables.
The presence of suspended particles shortens the life of the gears.