Magnetic pumps monobloc devoid of packing and mechanical seal, which makes it very suitable for lifting aggressive liquids.


The operating principle of the magnetic drive pumps AM-UN series is that the transmission is effected via the two permanent magnets attracting concentric and compensated. Ensuring, through the polypropylene, a total isolation liquid to pump motor and outside.

All parts in contact with liquid are made of polypropylene or PVDF. Except caps that are Rulon / graphite, and Viton O-rings. Ceramic shaft and washers.

Motor: Motor phase 200 V.asíncrono external ventilation with thermal relay. IP-44 protection, insulation class F at 2,850 rpm

Do not start pumping if not filled before the pump body.

For better use of the pump must know the chemical composition of the fluid being pumped, the concentration, temperature, specific gravity and viscosity.


Indispensable in pumping weak acids, corrosive liquids, surface treatments, vending machines, aquariums, laboratory facilities, photographic developing solutions, alkalis, salt water, etc..

You should not SECO / / Not suitable for fluids with.


Maximum flow rate: 6.5 m3/hr
Maximum height: 8.5 m.c.a.
Maximum temperature: 70 ° C.
Maximum viscosity: 30 cps
Maximum density: 1.3
Ambient temperature: 0 to 40 ° C.
The pumping of liquids with small particles in suspension shortens the life of the pump.
You should always work load.
Do not use foot valve.
We have tanks of 1" to make it self-priming.