The SLX-HCM spiral pump is an Archimedes screw pump designed for sanitary purposes for any type of fluids that require special treatment, both clear and viscous up to 65,000 cps, being that the auto-suction can reach its suction power after 5 minutes, vertically and without a base plate valve.

The main liquids to be pumped are: wine, grape juice, all kinds of oils, milk, water, etc., and viscous products like jam, cream, cosmetic creams, toothpaste, etc. 


  • DIN connections, gas, flanges, etc.
  • Standard mechanical closures in any material
  • White or black nitrile stators, EPDM, Viton, etc.
  • Pump transmits by direct motor, geared motor, variable speed motor or electronic variator
  • FLOW Rate    minimum= 100 l/h     maximum= 25 m3/h
  • LEVEL    from 0 mts to 70 mts

TEMPERATURE     from –15ºC to 120ºC