Submersible electric pumps, seri HNG, are built entirely in stainless steel AISI 316 and have been designed for the pumping of wastewater from the chemical and tanning industries, as well as liquids with suspended solids or filamentary contents.

Equipped with double silicon carbide mechanical seal with viton gaskets lubricated in dielectric oil chamber.
Inox 316 axis.


The P models are built with a full-pitch vortex turbine and the rest of the models with a large-pitch open turbine.

Oil-free dry motors IP-68 carry class F insulation at 2850r.p.m. with connection to 220 V.. monophase with protection relay types P-1052 and P-112.
The P-1052 and P-112 models have a level buoy. In all models, 5 or 10 meters of santoprene cable are supplied with cable clamps for greater protection against very aggressive liquids.


HNG pumps are suitable for water treatment with industrial chemicals, salt water pumping, waste from service stations with battery acids, waste water from the leather and paper industries, slaughterhouses, pharmaceutical laboratories, livestock waste, hospitals and warehouses, in general all types of liquids with particles in suspension, that can not be pumped with iron pumps.


Maximum flow: 120 m3 / hour
Maximum height: 85 m.c.a.
Maximum temperature of the liquid: 40ºC
Maximum viscosity: 100 cPs
PH from 3 to 13
Maximum density: 1.1

The concentration of abrasive particles decreases the duration of the pump.
Consult the electric cable selection table when the length of the cable is considerable.

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