Submersible pump series KF-4 are constructed entirely of stainless steel AISI 316 and designed with 4-pole motor for pumping waste water from the chemical and tanning, and liquids with suspended solids. Shaft S S 316.

Equipped with double mechanical seal silicon carbide Viton lubricated dielectic oil chamber.


Are built with a special kind of insulation for longer life. It has overload protector to prevent warming. EXOPI also wound with a longer resistance to moisture.

Engine oil dry without IP-68 class F to 1450r.pm connected to 380 V. and over 15CV with Y-D
All models are supplied cables 10 meters with santoprene clamp for added protection against aggressive liquids.


KF-4 pumps are suitable for water treatment to waste food, electronics, industrial chemical residues, pumping salt water, waste water industries with skin and paper, slaughterhouses, pharmaceutical, livestock waste, hospitals, warehouses and generally all liquids with suspended particles that cannot be pumped with pumps iron.


Maximum flow: 490 m3/hr
Maximum height: 30 m.c.a.
Maximum liquid temperature: 40 ° C
Maximum viscosity: 100 cPs
PH from 3 to 13

The abrasive particle concentration decreases the duration of the pump.
Check selection table power cord when the length is considerable.
Maximum density: 1.1